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Goldpass 19 – Chrome free conversion coating for Aluminium and Aluminium alloys to be used as a pre-treatment before painting.

  • Produces a rich golden colour on the substrate similar to Cr (VI) giving excellent visual control to the operator.
  • Effluent treatment similar to that of Cr (VI) based pre-treatments
  • Paint adhesion and corrosion resistance comparable to Cr (VI) based formulations
  • Can be applied on Aluminium and Magnesium alloys
  • RoHS compliant

HiCorP™ – High performance corrosion protection system for Zinc and Aluminium based substrates

  • Corrosion protection offered by Cr (III) based films on zinc and aluminium increased substantially by introduction of nano sized ceramic particles in the films
  • Corrosion resistance on pure zinc is comparable to that offered by Zn-Ni and Zn-Al coatings
  • Substantial cost reduction compared to Zn-Ni and Zn-Al systems
  • Simple process control
  • Available in light iridescent and black finishes