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HiCorP® AL

Cr (III) based Passivation Process for Aluminium and its Alloys

HiCorP® AL represents the new generation technology for passivation of aluminium and aluminium alloys that require substantial bare corrosion resistance. It addresses the environmental concerns of the day by completely eliminating Cr (VI) from the passivation process sequence. When used under recommended conditions, the combination of HiCorP® ALA with HiCorP® ALB results in a salt spray life of around 600 hours for wrough aluminium. HiCorP® AL is based on trivalent chromium and provides a very good conversion coating to improve the corrosion resistance and adherence of subsequent coatings. The process is simple to use and is not energy intensive. The passivation film produced on the surface meets the requirements of RoHS and ELV.

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