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Enviro Cu

Non-Cyanide Alkaline Copper Plating

  Shree Rasayani’s new generation Enviro process for copper plating eliminates cyanides completely from the copper plating process sequence. This process is based on a cuprous compound in which copper is deposited from a monovalent state and hence is less energy intensive than processes based on cupric compounds. This is a major advantage over some other plating processes in which copper is present in a divalent form in the plating bath. The cuprous ion is complexed in a unique manner, which results in a very stable bath over a wide range of operating parameters. This bath does not require periodic dumping and recharging like a pyrophosphate bath. In addition to this, the process does not require an auxiliary dummy tank or expensive ceramic anodes for operation. Copper can be plated on to MS substrates directly without the need for a strike bath. Zinc based die-castings may be given a copper strike before they are plated in the Enviro solution. The Strike bath need not be based on cyanide and can be based on the same chemistry as the Enviro solution. Thus, the need to treat cyanides in the effluent stream is totally absent. The non-cyanide alkaline copper plating technology has been successfully used as a strike prior to nickel plating, tin and solder plating as well as acid copper plating. In addition to this, it can be used as a finish in itself for hardware and lamp fixture parts, which are usually antiqued or oxidised. The copper electrodeposit has also found to be an outstanding heat treat stop-off finish.  

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