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Goldpass 19

Chromium Free Passivation Process for Aluminium and Aluminium & Magnesium Alloys

 Goldpass 19 represents the new generation technology for passivation of aluminium, aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys prior to powder coating or painting. It addresses the environmental concerns of the day by completely eliminating hexavalent chromium from the passivation process sequence. Goldpass 19 is based on manganese salts and provides a very good conversion coating to improve the corrosion resistance and adherence of subsequent coatings. The process is simple to use and is not energy intensive. It can be used between 20 to 40 C. Goldpass 19 is RoHS & WEEE compliant. Unlike other chrome free passivations, Goldpass 19 produces a rich yellow film on the aluminium and magnesium surfaces, which makes it very easy for operators to visually examine the surface before further processing. Furthermore, the integrity of the conversion coating can be examined by physical rubbing before applying the paint or powder coat.

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